Carolyn Cousins, MSW, MEd (Adult), Dip Mgt, MACSW

carolyn cousins

Carolyn Cousins holds Masters Degrees in both Social Work and Adult Education, as well as a Diploma of Management. She has published in relation to children at risk, domestic violence and also the quality of service provision and management. She is an article and book reviewer for a number of journals in the UK. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Applied Neuroscience and Mental Health.

She was the recipient of a Creswick Foundation Fellowship to the Tavistock and Portman NHS in North London, where she furthered her research and interest in the specialist areas of Group Supervision, Infant Observation and Worker Self Reflection.

With a background in the fields of child protection, domestic violence and mental health having held frontline, specialty and management posts in both Australia and the UK, she is passionate about equipping workers and services to deliver high quality and be utilizing the most up to date research and approaches.

Quality supervision is an area of professional passion and Carolyn has published in this area, runs training programs and has developed supervision models for a range of agencies in the health and welfare sectors. She provides clinical supervision to a range of teams including Domestic Violence Teams, Adult, Child, and Perinatal Mental Health Teams, Homelessness teams, Child Protection teams, Aboriginal Infant and Family Health teams, and a range of government and non-government family support services. She also undertakes independent specialist Court assessments for Community Services, often in relation to complex cumulative harm, emotional harm and domestic violence, including Parenting Capacity Assessment, Complex Carer reviews as well as Adoption and Guardianship Assessments.

She partners with an indigenous colleague to research and train in the area of trauma and advocate for systemic change for indigenous communities and has also worked with faith-based communities to address child protection and domestic violence concerns.

Carolyn is currently the Convenor of the Clinical Division of the Australian College of Social Work, a part of the Australian Association of Social Workers that is about promoting Advanced Social Work Practice.

Simon Ashley-Binge, MSW, MBA, Dip Youth & Community

simon ashley-binge

Simon holds a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Social Work and a Diploma in Youth and Community Work. Having worked in London for most of his career in the fields of Youth Justice, Child Protection and then Senior Management and Consultancy posts, he relocated to Australia in 2010 and took up a post managing a headspace young people’s mental health service.

Joining Tuned In Consulting in 2014, Simon brings a wealth of management, coaching and consultancy experience. He was nominated to become a specialist consultant for the ‘Centre for Excellent Outcomes’ (C4EO) government program in the UK, and undertook Service Evaluations and Reviews across the country. This was in partnership with Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), Research in Practice and the National Children’s Bureau.

Services he previously managed were also been written up as best practice by the UK government Green Paper Review in the UK and later formed the basis of the Targeted Youth Support Model. Simon provides focussed and goal orientated management development (mentoring / coaching) to managers and organisational business development services, and is able to develop strategic intervention plans to bring about organisational change / organisational culture shifts.

Simon is a Department of Communities and Justice approved Independent Assessor and approved Step-By-Step Assessor in relation to complex carer assessments, carer reviews and parental capacity assessment. He is also a trained Guardianship and Adoption Assessor.

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